Corona Virus Updates

For the safety of our guests and our staff please review the following changes to our services and procedures.

We are now under Phase 3 of Virginia's reopening and we will continue to operate as an outdoor venue but we must comply still with other safety measures.  Wine tastings are conducted Friday-Sunday and we are limiting the number of people in our outdoor wine tasting area to achieve social distancing.  Walk-ins are taken throughout the day, but if you have a party of 8 or more, please let us know in advance and we will reserve a space for your group.  Click Here to submit a wine tasting reservation request for a group of 8 or more.

Access to the indoor Tasting Room will be restricted to our staff.

You are welcome to sit at any of our outdoor tables, all of which are well separated.  If you would like to bring folding chairs or blankets and find a spot well away from the tables, you are welcome to do so.

We will be selling only wine by the bottle. We can re-cork anything you don't finish. 

Come up to the Guest Greeting area outside of the Tasting Room and our staff will  provide a wine list with tasting notes as well as a list of what prepared food and beverage items we have available.  You can then place your order with one of our staff members. Our staff will be wearing face coverings and you must do the same when placing your order. Once you place your order our staff will fulfill it for you, process payment (or open a tab), and hand it to you.

All payments must be by credit or debit card.

Our restroom facility will be entered through its front door (which will be held open during business hours) and exited through the rear, dish-washing and storage room, door (which will also be held open during business hours). This is so as to promote good airflow through the restroom hallway.  We will be periodically cleaning and sanitizing the restrooms so there may be short periods during which restroom access is interrupted.

You are encouraged to wear a mask when not sitting with your family / friends, but this is not mandatory except when inside the restroom facility.