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Pigeon Party

Kettle Sour


There once was a guy named Joe. Joe went on a trip for the first time to Hawaii, a magical, beautiful spot where he was drawn in by the scenery and the people. As Joe gets off a long plane ride from the mainland, his first thought is to McDonalds and how hungry he is. Joe proceeds then to his hotel on Waikiki beach with majestic views of the ocean. As he checks in to his room, he runs up stairs, opens the balcony and proceeds to treat himself like Kate Winslet from Titanic on the railing. After taking in the salt spray air, Joe goes to dinner. On the way down in the elevator, some of his friends ask if anyone else had a hard time getting the sliding glass door open on the balcony. Joe of course did not. After dinner, Joe proceeds back to his room, and to his surprise, is greeted by no less than 50 pigeons who are enjoying his leftover lunch. Now confronted with this abnormal situation, the only thing to do is have a Pigeon Party - feathers and all! Like this cautionary tale, Pigeon Party is just as fun in beer form and we thought it was the perfect name for this fun / funky sour.

Construction / Evolution:

Peach and vanilla kettle sour that reminds you of a tropical beach somewhere in the pacific.

Tasting Notes:

Aging Method