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Vienna Lager


Adventure, tradition, and Viennese charm at once - no other place radiates so much energy and joie de vivre as the Vienna Prater (also read as a 24 hour amusement park in Vienna!) A fascinating world awaits visitors and guarantees entertainment for both young and old. Full of turbulent roller coasters, spooky ghost trains and attractions of all sorts - there is hardly any other place in the world to challenge your senses in this intoxicating way. Time flies here while spending a few pleasurable hours with your family, enjoying the Prater highlights or just having dinner with friends. Have fun and enjoy – this is the Prater's motto!

Construction / Evolution:

Tasting Notes:

Warm malt roast with a slightly sweet caramel finish. With low ABV this beer is perfect for Foxtoberfest!

Aging Method