La Giacosa Springlot Reserve Chardonnay

Perfect grapes from a special nearby vineyard (Springlot on Blue Mountain) make a great Chardonnay, our Giacosa. Loads of pineapple on the nose and pineapple with layers of citrus on the palate. Not one hint of butter or oak. Only 40 cases made! Bottle sale only, no tasting pours. Those who know Giacosa will snap up this limited release so don’t be left out! Not available for tasting




Sparkling Wine

This is a guest wine available for those who like a little sparkle!

Prosecco (Guest Wine)

It’s great fun in Italy to sit and people watch while sipping a dry Prosecco. We offer Prosecco from Italy for your enjoyment. Crisp, light and so refreshing. Our sources vary from time to time based on availability.



Cano Pazzo Rosé

A beautiful dry Rosé wine made in the traditional way with our Sangiovese grapes. Hints of dried roses and cherries on the nose, spice and cherry hints on the palate. A great way to discover why folks in the north of Italy and south of France are in love with Rosé!





Red Wines
Piemontese Nebbiolo

The princely grape of the Italian Piemonte, used for Barolos, Barbarescos, and Gattinaras - among other great Piemontese reds. Estate grown at Three Fox Vineyards on the Virginia Piedmont. Elegant with great structure, black cherry, dark red fruit, and spice notes, good forward fruit and a symphony of flavors in the finish.





IL Volpe Sangiovese

A first class trip in a bottle to Tuscany. The IL Volpe is 75% - 80% Sangiovese and 20% - 25% Cab Franc. It has a beautiful deep garnet color and drinks like a Brunello. The nose is leather and cassis and the palate is cherry, black cherry, coffee, toast and light chocolate with caramel notes. Pair with meats, pasts, risotto or just sip it.





 La Trovatella Merlot

Our estate grown Merlot is a delight, loaded with black cherry, blackberry, mocha and toast hints. The mouth-feel is opulent and smooth. A wonderful wine to enjoy now or to lay down for future delights! The sweet kitty on the label is Jasmine, a foundling ("trovatella" in Italian) who graced our lives for 22 years!




Alouette Cabernet Franc

Our 100% estate Cabernet Franc is loaded with black cherry, berry, roasted espresso bean, and hints of mocha. Can be enjoyed now or be laid down for 10 – 15 years with proper cellaring. Excellent with a juicy steak, a fine cigar, dark chocolates, or for relaxing sipping just by itself.




Rosso Dolce Chambourcin [non-vintage]

Rosso Dolce (sweet red) is our “port alternative”. Chambourcin is a hybrid originally from the Loire Valley of France (still grown there) and now much grown in Virginia. Rosso Dolce, at 6% sugar, has strong red fruits notes with a subtle chocolate, port-like undercurrent and finish. You can enjoy a port-like experience without the high alcohol level of a true port. Try it with your favorite chocolate dessert for a real treat! Packaged in "Bellisimo" 375 ml bottles just right for a bit of after-dinner fun.




White Wines
Leggero Chardonnay

Pineapple and vanilla notes on the nose with added citrus tones on the palate and good, forward fruit. A crisp, refreshing sipper that is also great with mild cheeses or seafood. "Leggero" (leh-jer-oh) means light, as in "not heavy".

Calabrese Pinot Grigio

Not your garden variety Pinot Grigio! A full flavored Pinot Grigio like what they make and keep at home to drink in Italy. Traditional lemon citrus notes on the palate with nuanced layers of various citrus tones and a tease of stone fruits.





La Boheme Viognier

Think Viognier, think white Rhône, and drink La Boheme! Old world styled with subtle pear and melon on the nose and tropical fruit and citrus notes on the palate and a lingering finish.





Gatto Bianco [non-vintage]

An off-dry white with a great sassy attitude, reminiscent of the whites from the Italian Piemonte. Pineapple & citrus nose with a hint of melon and pear on the palate. Great with seafood! Look for the sassy white cat on the label!